Your Journey

Coaching – Individual and Team

  • Delivered by accredited executive coaches 
  • Virtually and/or face-to-face
  • Typically, 60–90 minute sessions
  • Using business performance enhancing developmental tools  

Coaching – Individual and Team

Supporting you and your team in:

  • Clarifying purpose
  • Creating meaning
  • Realising potential
  • Enabling best self
  • Relating to others
  • Achieving results
In-house and open leadership programmes are:

  • Co-designed to meet specific need 
  • Based on real-time issues to achieve tangible benefits
  • Delivered in modular format to meet extraction capacity 
  • Developed using neuroscience design principles
  • Facilitated through a blended approach to embed learning
  • Benchmarked globally through profiling tools

Conscious Leadership – Leading with Safe Uncertainty®

Developing your leadership to achieve:

  • A step change in mindset and thinking
  • A team climate and culture of safe uncertainty
  • Engagement with others that sparks possibilities
  • Increased innovation and performance 
  • Antifragility through conscious adaptation to change
  • Delivered by level 6 qualified career guidance and development coaches  
  • Virtually and/or face-to-face
  • Typically, 60–90 minute sessions
  • Co-designed bespoke approach

Career Management – Navigating your Career

Coaching you to be a career activist, helping with:

  • Career pathways e.g. portfolio career
  • Personal development
  • Career change
  • Personal branding
  • Routes to the career market

In addition to your 1:1 coaching you can sign up for access to a cloud based career management portal – delivering content and exercises through a wide range of media including video, podcasts, as well as text based modules plus over 500 e-learning courses. Providing a truly comprehensive and bespoke package to achieve your career goals.