Your Leadership Journey… starts here

Your First Steps

Step 1. Conscious awareness

– A deeper awareness of our thoughts, emotions, behaviours and physical responses. Paying attention to, listening to and taking note of our whole self – Head, Heart and Gut. Acknowledging what it is that makes us and others feel safe.

Step 2. Conscious acceptance

– Sitting with the tension and discomfort of not knowing; letting go of our need for control and allowing for stretch, stepping out of our comfort zone and into unknown territory.

Step 3. Conscious adaptation

– Reframing our relationship with uncertainty; becoming antifragile and using the energy of uncertainty to enhance creativity, innovation and growth.

Your Leadership Guides

We are accredited coaches using the concept of leadership journeying. We’re advocates for conscious leadership and how it acts as a catalyst to achieve a shift in mindset and thinking. Our intent is to help leaders to go beyond resilience to develop a culture of safe uncertainty, adapting and adopting to the environment and context by becoming antifragile.

This is the mindset that makes it safe to think through the unthinkable; to use the energy of uncertainty to drive performance and sustainable growth in ourselves, our teams and our communities.

Over the last four years we’ve worked with over 350 leaders, coached up to global board level, facilitated more than 150 workshops and delivered over 1000 one-to-one coaching sessions. We’ve supported major transformational change across the private and public sector, created a suite of conscious leadership programmes and created our Leading with Safe Uncertainty® framework.



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