who we are

Catalysts for ‘a step change in thinking’ 

We are advocates for conscious leadership:

  • Conscious awareness
  • Conscious acceptance
  • Conscious adaptation

We use the term leadership rather than leaders as it is our belief that leadership is a choice; a mindset and not an appointment. Developing conscious leadership releases the collective potential and harnesses the diversity of thinking within teams. We believe that each of us can make a difference irrespective of our perceived role or status and that we have an inbuilt moral compass that guides us to do the right thing. Conscious leadership builds self-awareness, authenticity, compassion and enhances our ability to be our best self.

Our passion and drive is to help build sustainable resilient organisations where people, stakeholders, shareholders and the wider community all benefit and succeed. Providing pragmatic support and bespoke solutions to ensure clarity of purpose, committed leadership within a supportive culture that delivers.

“The first step towards change is awareness. The second step is acceptance.” Nathaniel Branden

Diagnose: Ascertain the here and now – current reality. We gauge these current perspectives through dialogue and the use of appropriate diagnostic tools.

Design: Once the diagnostic analysis has been agreed with the client this provides the basis for determining the success criteria. In turn this combines to form the foundations for the building blocks of develop and deliver.

Develop: We co-develop a solution with the client and with our associate partners. We facilitate the process; we develop a route map that offers best value for the particular situation. The vehicle for change is presented to the client and typically includes recommended check-ins, potential hazards and derailers, together with how to build traction, overcome inertia and resistance to change.

Deliver: The role of Moonstone is to provide guidance, support and challenge. We identify the resources that are available and how can they be best used. We clarify the role that we can play which would add most value. This may be:

  • Facilitating/project managing the process
  • Hands-on practical support
  • Coaching/mentoring the team
  • Verifying/evaluating progress and the impact the changes have had
  • Embedding the shifts and behaviours into business as usual practice