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Moonstone conversations:
Episode 1 – Jan and Porter from Moonstone Associates discuss the relevance of Safe Uncertainty in the world of work with Jack Orchard and Dee Cooper from Agar Management Consultancy.
Episode 2 – Jan and Andrew from Moonstone Associates are joined on this episode by Liberto Pereda from the Leadership Circle. They discuss how collective leadership, the power of mutual support and collective sense making can help us release our need for control.
Episode 3 – In this Episode of Moonstone Conversations, Andrew and Jan from Moonstone talk to Matt Hill, consultant anaesthetist and clinical advisor to NHSI (NHS Improvement). They are once again also joined by Dee and Jack from Agar Management Consulting as they discuss Matt’s experience of developing a safe uncertainty culture in clinical teams in the NHS.
Leading with Safe Uncertainty® (LWSU):
Episode 1 – In this initial episode Andrew from Moonstone Associates describes the concept of Safe Uncertainty and its evolution from the field of family therapy to its current application in corporate organisations.
Episode 2 – In this second episode Jan and Andrew from Moonstone Associates describe the key building blocks for Leading with Safe Uncertainty.


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Articles and Papers

‘Leading with Safe Uncertainty®’ – Porter A (2017) Click Here

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‘Culture Change in High Risk/High Scrutiny Environments’ – Porter A – Click Here

‘Towards Positions of Safe Uncertainty’ Human Systems: The Journal of Systemic Consultation &: Management. Vol. 4, pp 18 – Mason B (1993)

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Recommended Reading & Links

Daring Greatly, Brene Brown, 2015

Dare to Lead, Brene Brown, 2018

Scaling Leadership, Robert J Anderson/William A Adams, 2019

The Fearless Organisation, Amy Edmondson, 2019

Leadership Plain and Simple, Steve Radcliffe, 2012

Anti-fragile – things that gain from disorder, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, 2012

Leading From the Emerging Future, Otto Scharmer and Katrin Kaufer, 2013

Courageous Cultures, Karin Hurt/David Dye, 2020

Conscious Leadership,  Chutisa Bowman/Steven Bowman, 2014

ethicability®, Roger Steare, 5th edition 2013


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