At Moonstone we integrate the power of narrative and metaphor to bring leadership journeys to life, enabling a step change in thinking and being. Be that to:

  • Achieve a shift in leadership thinking
  • Ensure organisational culture supports purpose and vision
  • Engage and empower individuals in service of organisational performance
  • Guarantee ethical decision-making is explicit and central to decision making

Change and uncertainty are here to stay; uncertainty brings tension yet it can also trigger positive changes. Shifting our mindset to focus on creating outcomes and building on what’s working we are able to respond to the present and future rather than solely reacting. Key to this mindset focus is our need for psychological safety. Based on research and over 25 years working with senior leaders across all sectors, we propose:

Feeling safe is a need; a prerequisite for creative thinking and a growth mindset

Feeling certain is a preference and can limit creativity and innovation

Our programmes Conscious Leadership, Leading with Safe Uncertainty® (LWSU) and Coaching with Safe Uncertainty® (CWSU) encompass this premise. They enable this mindset shift; from a world of problems that demand speed, analysis and the elimination of uncertainty to a world of dilemmas that demand patience, sense-making and engagement with uncertainty. The concepts provide a framework for leaders and teams to reflect and act upon the dilemmas they face at work and create an environment of psychological safety in which individuals can flourish.

“As a Leader you have to be willing to be vulnerable and open about your mistakes so others feel safe” – Mark Costa, CEO Eastman Chemical Company