Individual – ethics and leadership

Leadership Development
(delivered by accredited executive coaches virtually and/or face to face)
  • Conscious Leadership programme
  • Leading with Safe Uncertainty®
  • Board and executive coaching
  • Coaching with Safe Uncertainty®
  • High potential coaching and mentoring
  • Emerging leaders coaching
  • First 100 days/onboarding


Career Guidance and Development  
(delivered by qualified career guidance and development coaches virtually and/or face to face)


(delivered by accredited licensed practitioners virtually and/or face to face)
  • PROPHET Individual Profile
  • PROPHET Pivotal Relationship Profile
  • The Leadership Circle 360 Profile (TLCP)
  • Insights Discovery
  • Insights Discovery Full Circle (360)
  • Insights Discovery Transformational Leadership (IDTL)

“When you can arrive at the point where looking and listening comes from your entire being, you are setting the stage to be an inspiring leader.” Deepak Chopra, The Soul of Leadership: Unlocking Your Potential for Greatness