About Us

About us

“We’re both accredited executive coaches through the Association for Coaching (AC), qualified career guidance and development coaches (OCR Level 6); accredited PROPHET and Leadership Circle Coaches and NLP practitioner/master practitioners. Over the last four years we’ve worked with over 350 leaders, coached up to global board level, facilitated more than 150 workshops and delivered over 1000 one-to-one coaching sessions. We’ve supported major transformational change across the private and public sector and created a suite of conscious leadership programmes and created our Leading with Safe Uncertainty® framework.”

Andrew Porter – Director


Contact: 07958 615258

Andrew is a business coach with a provocative and inspiring approach to achieving performance. He addresses the challenge of achieving personal visions whilst delivering outstanding business performance. Andrew blends the latest thinking in personal and organisational development with the pragmatism of an extensive commercial career. He has a wide-ranging business background, combined with an international consulting and coaching career plus 30 years’ leadership experience; from leading specialist teams to corporate board roles.

“Andrew is an amazingly insightful coach, both at a business and personal level. His impact upon our organisation was profound and his impact on me, as my personal coach, likewise. He blends a depth and breadth of experience and current research with a cool, calm and thoughtful style – one which challenges, but also supports. He is also warm, engaging and open, an absolute pleasure to work with. Without Andrew’s influence, I without a doubt would not be doing the things I am currently doing.” – Senior Manager

Jan Davis – Director

Contact: 07734 318653

Jan is a versatile coach, passionate about empowering possibilities in others. She holds the space for individuals and teams to reflect, dig deep and establish key developmental outcomes that drive performance, whilst at the same time challenging them to be true to themselves.  Jan has a background within financial services before embarking on a freelance portfolio consulting career which has seen her undertake wide ranging coaching, and leadership development assignments. Her commercial roots ensure a balanced on-going focus on the organisational context.

‘Highly perceptive and with a finely tuned EQ antenna, Jan has the most positive, subtle and encouraging coaching manner blended with the right degree of challenge.  She has an instinctive and natural ability to assimilate information and has a comprehensive understanding of leading at a senior level. Jan is the epitome of an authentic leader and has played a critical and decisive part in my development.’ – CEO

Our values

Our values of courage, connectedness and compassion ensure that we balance challenge with support when working with our clients. Building long lasting relationships and being a trusted partner to those we support is key to us.

About our Moonstone Partners|Associates

Dee Cooper – Associate Partner


Dee is passionate about people and, in particular, supporting them to achieve their full potential by enhancing their self-awareness and, in turn, their emotional intelligence. She thrives on working with senior managers to shape the strategy and with the whole workforce to help to bring it to life and develop the skills and knowledge to enable each person to contribute to business success. Ultimately Dee believes that our leadership – of self and others – is what creates organisational culture.

Jack Orchard – Associate Partner


Jack has over 15 years of facilitation and consultancy experience, He has a wide-ranging expertise enabling him to work proactively and closely with businesses to develop practical, effective solutions. A Licensed Practitioner of Insights Discovery and a member of the Chartered Institute of Personal and Development, he provides business leaders with an engagingapproach to people development.


Within the Moonstone network we have access to accredited coaches/mentors, team facilitators and inspirational speakers, all of whom share our values and passion for creating Safe Uncertainty in the world of work.