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Safely Uncertain

– Me with Myself Fear inhibits learning. Research in neuroscience shows that fear consumes physiologic resources, diverting them from parts of the brain that manage working memory and process new information. This impairs analytic thinking, creative insight and problem solving – Amy Edmonson – The Fearless Organisation 2019 Over the last decade we’ve had the privilege to work with leaders in many highly regulated and high-risk environments. We’ve worked with police, private prisons and the NHS where there is high risk and high scrutiny, the challenge of working with vulnerable individuals and at the same time increasing demand and reducing resource.
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The perfect storm – Unsafe Uncertainty

“Fear is the emotional response to real or perceived imminent threat, whereas anxiety is anticipation of future threat,” DSM-5th Edition. Not only do we feel unsafe as our limbic system reacts to the real threat posed by COVID19, we are also dealing with the anxiety triggered by our emotional response to uncertainty and change. We worry about family and friends, our finances, social isolation, loss of freedom and control (and of course reduced availability of soft toilet paper!) From our perspective we are experiencing unsafe uncertainty. For those actively involved in the crisis it is less a question of building resilience, rather of responding to trauma. There
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