“The conscious leaders programme gave leaders the opportunity to un-shackle their fears of driving profitable growth, by having the strength to create a safe and healthy environment.”

– Regional Managing Director, Central Government Services, G4S

“My view is that this programme is bound to impact positively on the bottom line. In terms of how I am now working with my guys and they are working with their guys, one or two of the team have now stayed who would have gone… there is more stability. My team is being more active in looking for opportunities to impact on the bottom line.”

– Operations Director

‘The most significant effect on me was that it caused me to look at my own behaviours. It opened my eyes, was enlightening and helped me to channel my energies in the right way rather than holding back’

– Director of Assurance & Compliance

A year on, and I can honestly say that I am today still using techniques with myself and others from the course. The contents of the course & my behaviour as an inspirational leader will continue and grow as a result.

– Contact Centre Manager

It has transformed the way we think as a business in that it has enabled us to think from a different prospective than we thought before.

– Chief Operating Officer

‘The one to one sessions have been challenging and supportive. The coaching approach has worked very well, enabling and supporting me as I have worked through individual “burning” issues, whilst at the same time working with me to identify the underlying elements of my profile that contribute to the way I deal with those issues’

– Head of Technical Services

It has helped me focus on the key weakness areas and turn them into strengths so I have a more rounded leadership and it has done that and given me more confidence’

– Managing Director